Photo Shoot For “The Chennai Silks Wedding Collections”

This photoshoot is a challenging assignment for me. In many silk saree photo shoot I normally shoot either one model or three models maximum. But this shoot brief was given to me The Chennai Silks would like to have a combination shot like friends having a group photo at a celebration. Including two kids there were a total nine models.  Me and my stylist have segregated costumes as per the color theme. In group photo the models’ costumes should maintain some color theme.  According to the costume colors I have selected the floor tile pattern and furniture, because the props should complementthe costumes. And my stylist took lot of effort to select the jewelry. Stylist and I saw lot of references for bridal jewelry. Each religious bride has some uniqueness in their wedding jewelry, so based on that my stylist chose the jewelry. Now the challenge is everyone’s costumes have to be seen well and all they have to express well for one click. And to maintain even soft light and equal amount of light for all the models I used four skimmers. The details of the silk saree have come out well. Since these images are going to be used […]

Unveiling the Behind the Scenes of an Ad Shoot

When people watch a TVC, Ad film, it flashes past in 20 or 30 seconds. Yet, behind it lies hours and days of planning and preproduction. In a recent shoot, with Actress Priya Bhavanishankar, for Indian Flower leggings and jeggings, this is exactly what happened. Attention to detail was everything. Whether it was the costumes design, the colours in the frame, the camera angle or the camera movement. Whether it was detail in makeup or hairstyles, expressions or art direction… everything was planned and executed to perfection. To capture modern lifestyle activities we chose a beach house as the location. The concept of this adfilm is to capture leggings in women’s today’s lifestyle. Right from the early morning gym till evening terrace party. Dop farook j basha did excellent cinematography, art director Karthik rajkumar did a fabulous production design. Ashwin vinayagamoorthy composed a trendy jingle for this TVC. Many people used to hum this jingle. To capture modern lifestyle activities we chose a beach house as the location. The concept of this adfilm is to capture leggings in women’s today’s lifestyle. Right from the early morning gym till evening terrace party. Dop farook j basha did excellent cinematography, art director Karthik rajkumar […]

Celebrity Portfolio Photo Shoot

How to do the perfect celebrity photoshoot In this world where change is the only permanent and constant reality, we are often put in a situation where we ‘typecast’ some personalities or occasions or incidents. After all, one has to apply their judgement before the change occurs. One such place where we often end up being judgemental more than necessary is how we typecast the way we look at celebrities. Celebrities are always the ‘goto’ when we fancy gossiping! This is not just the case with our local celebrities but with everyone around the world. Imagine you see an actor continuously portraying the same kinda role for at least 2-3 films, let’s say a police officer; it would be difficult for us to look at him as something other than a police officer. Sadly though, this situation is faced significantly by female artists, particularly in the South Indian film industry. If you were to take daily soaps, women who are portrayed in a particular fashion and unfortunately for them, they are branded to be that character. If you were to decipher this situation, there are two outcomes from this. One is that you do not allow the actor/ actress to […]

Here’s why Santhosh Photography is considered the best for silk saree catalogue photography

India is filled with stunning craftsmen. If we take the silk saree industry as an example, a novice would be amazed to know that there are hundreds of varieties of silk with their trademark design and the ever growing contemporary ones. Besides, the silk saree industry has become world renowned that the demands are certainly skyrocketing. As someone who has been in the commercial photography space for nearly two decades, we, at FotoZone can undoubtedly say that we have done our tiny bit to help the industry thrive. Here is how… 1. Bringing a balance in posing as a ‘bride’ One of the common and most successful ways of shooting silk saree is to create the scene of a wedding. The female model plays the role of a bride to be precise and there could be other characters involved like the groom for instance, or a friend or the parent. What usually happens is that the attention (or the focus) gets carried away from the saree to the person or their emotion. The audience is not compelled enough to look at the saree anymore but shift their focus to the jewellery or a overexcited friend character or an emotional father […]

Tips On Food Photography

Food has been an icebreaker all our lives. Let’s face it – we bond better with our family members during dinners and if it is a first date, a fancy restaurant is always considered as the most ideal place to meet. Be it friends get-together or a business meeting, we always consider meeting over food. This is the very reason restaurants and cafes consider food photography as the crucial part for their businesses to thrive. A Food Photographer highlights innumerable aspects of the dish that enables the restaurant owners to lure their clients. Having handled food photography for highly well established brands like Sakthi Masala, Aachi Masala, SGR Food Products and Niru brand – the team at FotoZone is a lot equipped to face the many challenges that this genre of photography throws at its photographers. Here are some basic tips that one should always bear in mind, should they decide to be a successful food photographer. The Right Background Remember the food should always be the hero in the photograph. The resultant image could be used anywhere right from menu cards to posters to a press release or social media campaigns. They could also be published in various sizes […]

Silk Saree Photoshoot

We are witnessing a rapid evolution in the field of Advertising. From print media to digital media, Advertising has the ability not just to mould itself but to excel at it. One cannot take away the fact that the success of Advertising Industry largely depends on Advertising or Commercial Photographers. If not for those visually appealing imageries produced during the catalogue photoshoots by photographers, it would be difficult for any business to sustain, especially the Silk Saree Industry, which is quite unique in India. Silk Sarees are very sensual. It is so deeply embedded into our Indian culture that any women would want to own quite a handful. Buyers of such sarees, mostly women are not just convinced by seeing these sarees but tend to drape it on them. Sometimes they even request the store representative, if she is a women to try it on them, so that they get a better idea as to how the saree flows, especially its designs. Since seeing is believing in the Silk Industry, the dealers of Silk are quite persistent on getting a professional photoshoot done whenever they introduce a new range of collection. The photographs taken from such silk saree photoshoots are […]

Model Portfolio Photography

Age does’t matter to be an actor or a model, in this era the spree of becoming an actor and model has struck the whole universe. And the way the portfolio is made diminishes the professionalism. An actor’s portfolio should not express the Photographers mettle but the Actors capability, and his attitude towards facing a camera. And this is where most failures happen. An Actor or a Model Age is not at all a constraint to become one, but what role suites for whom matters a lot, when someone approaches us for a portfolio, we make a study of his age, his look, his physic, and his tone to suggest him on what theme a portfolio can be made. We don’t just take a pic but a definition of who he is, and our pictures must speak every bit of him and his talent. Once we analysis his attitude and his appearance, we do suggest him some options for his Look, Make over and tips to prepare for the photos, and we do give him some references, so that he prepares for the Shoot. The Shoot On the Day of shoot, we work on his expressions and attitude towards carrying […]

Furniture Photoshoot

Why you need to hire a Professional photographer for an E-Commerce shoot? This is now an Era where people want to buy and sell things just sitting before their Smart Phones and Laptops, the mode of Shopping has itself been redefined. Today when someone needs to buy a product, especially when it comes to furniture though they come to a furniture store the first thing they do is to check it online. Websites and E Commerce portals like Urban Ladder, Pepper Fry, which are completely dedicated to Furniture market and other websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc, who do sell Furnitures like hot cakes have emerged successful. In this scenario what makes a person choose a furniture is first and foremost the Photograph. How should a Furniture Photograph must be. Though photograph is a 2 two dimensional medium those are the first attractive points towards you. The photographs must not only show the colour, but also the look and feel. When a customer see’s the picture he must feel how it would be when he has it in his living room. He must imagine the experience of touching the fabric and enjoy the comfort of sitting on it. The furniture […]

Tips to get better Product Photos | Santhosh Raj

Tips to get better Product Photos | Santhosh Raj Today is an era of E-Commerce, where every product that is produced be it a Bell pin or an aircraft Photographing it and putting it on a website has become a primary to-do list of any manufacturer or a merchant. Therefore the jobs that come for photographers on product shoot is flooding and many desire to become one. In an intention to equip some upcoming photographers and photography enthusiasts I decided to give some tips to shoot a product. Throughout my journey as a photographer everyday in my work has taught me lots and lots of new techniques. One certain thing that i have learnt is Photography is a ocean, and it is updated every second in some corner of this globe, Here are some of the Tips for product Photography. 1. Cleaning the Product: Make sure that the product is clean, or else clean it properly that there is no dust or finger prints on it. In the product Photography the Product is the Hero and when shooting with a High Resolution Cameras with more than 22 Mega Pixels, every minute dust or a finger mark would be clearly visible […]


Do you remember the widest landscape you have seen in your life? Yes we do remember but have you ever captured the whole in your camera? No would be the answer to many, but we give you an interesting solution to it, that’s Panoramic photography. Panorama a word that traces back its history to the ancient Greece became a familiar form of photography in later 80’s but was not widely used as required a specific skill. When it comes to films, we have a wide range of history to talk about one who has seen the great chariot race sequence of the classic Beh Hur which was shot in ultra Panavision will never for get it so is the panoramic photography too.      This unique form gives you a complete view of the spaces utilized, for instance the colorful panoramic view of this Chennai Silks salem shot by me, can give you the elegance and the grandeur of the showroom in this single shot. Same is with the other photographs too; panoramic shots give you a grandeur and elegant look to your shops, office spaces and landscapes. When you go more wide more you capture the spaces, and highlights […]