Celebrity Portfolio Photo Shoot

How to do the perfect celebrity photoshoot In this world where change is the only permanent and constant reality, we are often put in a situation where we ‘typecast’ some personalities or occasions or incidents. After all, one has to apply their judgement before the change occurs. One such place where we often end up being judgemental more than necessary is how we typecast the way we look at celebrities. Celebrities are always the ‘goto’ when we fancy gossiping! This is not just the case with our local celebrities but with everyone around the world. Imagine you see an actor continuously portraying the same kinda role for at least 2-3 films, let’s say a police officer; it would be difficult for us to look at him as something other than a police officer. Sadly though, this situation is faced significantly by female artists, particularly in the South Indian film industry. If you were to take daily soaps, women who are portrayed in a particular fashion and unfortunately for them, they are branded to be that character. If you were to decipher this situation, there are two outcomes from this. One is that you do not allow the actor/ actress to […]
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