Furniture Photoshoot

Why you need to hire a Professional photographer for an E-Commerce shoot?

This is now an Era where people want to buy and sell things just sitting before their Smart Phones and Laptops, the mode of Shopping has itself been redefined. Today when someone needs to buy a product, especially when it comes to furniture though they come to a furniture store the first thing they do is to check it online.


Websites and E Commerce portals like Urban Ladder, Pepper Fry, which are completely dedicated to Furniture market and other websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc, who do sell Furnitures like hot cakes have emerged successful. In this scenario what makes a person choose a furniture is first and foremost the Photograph.


How should a Furniture Photograph must be.

Though photograph is a 2 two dimensional medium those are the first attractive points towards you. The photographs must not only show the colour, but also the look and feel. When a customer see’s the picture he must feel how it would be when he has it in his living room. He must imagine the experience of touching the fabric and enjoy the comfort of sitting on it. The furniture must be lite so that the photograph give a three dimensional feeling, for which you always need a Professional Photographer who is really experienced in Furniture and Indoor lighting techniques.


So How to do it

The biggest challenge is the logistics, the minute you think about photographing your furnitures the thing that comes in your mind is the time and the effort, don’t worry we have an exclusive set up with us to convert your factory into a fully equipped Studio. We drop on to your factory, and design our studio finish Photographing how much ever furnitures you need to be photographed and give you some awesome photographs that will make your customers feel wow.



The Final Touch

As we always say it is not the Camera that takes the most beautiful picture but the man who triggers it. So do hire a Professional and watch the difference.


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