Do you remember the widest landscape you have seen in your life? Yes we do remember but have you ever captured the whole in your camera? No would be the answer to many, but we give you an interesting solution to it, that’s Panoramic photography. Panorama a word that traces back its history to the ancient Greece became a familiar form of photography in later 80’s but was not widely used as required a specific skill.

When it comes to films, we have a wide range of history to talk about one who has seen the great chariot race sequence of the classic Beh Hur which was shot in ultra Panavision will never for get it so is the panoramic photography too.



148A7049 This unique form gives you a complete view of the spaces utilized, for instance the colorful panoramic view of this Chennai Silks salem shot by me, can give you the elegance and the grandeur of the showroom in this single shot.

Same is with the other photographs too; panoramic shots give you a grandeur and elegant look to your shops, office spaces and landscapes. When you go more wide more you capture the spaces, and highlights the eloquence of the stuff which you have.

final-interor-cc  1 photograph is worth 1000 words could be an old saying but Panoramic shots stay perfect examples for it, anything that makes things look great are always fabulous. Such is this art.

When it comes to technical part of panoramic photography it do requires lot of skills both technically and creatively too because as I always tell you it’s not the camera but the person on the trigger which is more important. Yes this is a very time consuming task but more worthy than the effort.

panorama What makes the panoramic photography unique and special is its wide range and its importance to every detail, for instance look at the shot of the Granite industry, you find all the minute details from a brick to pillar, from giant cranes to the gigantic earthmovers, the widest landscape to the tiny waterbody, you have everything of your place self explained in the most grandeur manner in a single shot.  Untitled_Panorama1 What makes me decide to stitch up a panorama is the force that drives my creative essence. The satisfaction that I get after giving a best shot that people remember for long is worth more than a lifetime of effort and I get it while I shoot Panoramic shots.

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