Silk Saree Photoshoot

We are witnessing a rapid evolution in the field of Advertising. From print media to digital media, Advertising has the ability not just to mould itself but to excel at it. One cannot take away the fact that the success of Advertising Industry largely depends on Advertising or Commercial Photographers. If not for those visually appealing imageries produced during the catalogue photoshoots by photographers, it would be difficult for any business to sustain, especially the Silk Saree Industry, which is quite unique in India.

Silk Saree Photoshoots

Silk Sarees are very sensual. It is so deeply embedded into our Indian culture that any women would want to own quite a handful. Buyers of such sarees, mostly women are not just convinced by seeing these sarees but tend to drape it on them. Sometimes they even request the store representative, if she is a women to try it on them, so that they get a better idea as to how the saree flows, especially its designs.

Kanchipuram Silk Saree Photoshoot

Since seeing is believing in the Silk Industry, the dealers of Silk are quite persistent on getting a professional photoshoot done whenever they introduce a new range of collection. The photographs taken from such silk saree photoshoots are used on their websites, hoardings, catalogues and their social media links.

Professional photoshoot

As a Advertising Photographer who has done several Silk Saree Photoshoots, we do spend a lot of time planning those intricate details. Once the sarees to be photographed are decided, we have a brainstorming session that essentially consists of Photographer, Stylist, Advertising Creative Director and the Client.

Since most of such silk saree purchases cater to wedding segment, it is crucial to have a ‘Happy Mood’ tone across all images. Once we are clear about the concept and the approval of the client is obtained, we forward our requirements to the Casting Director, who in turn presents myriad portfolio’s of Models. Once we finalise the models , our Stylists takes their measurements and coordinate with the Tailoring Department to do the needful alteration in the costume. Stylist also ensures that appropriate jewellers and accessories are available to make the shoot successful, for every little detail goes into the success of the photoshoot.

Advertising Photography

The day of the photoshoot is action packed indeed. Make up team received clear instructions from the Photographer and the Stylist fine tunes it. The drapist clearly plays a vital role in the photoshoot. Drapist are those who artistically drape the saree around the lady based on the design of the saree.

Silk saree photography

Although the sarees come in stunning designs and patterns, not the entire length will have them. Therefore the drapist ensures the design is given justice while wearing and also help in wearing the saree elegantly. Based on the choreography that is already decided, the photographer explains the same to the Model and finally composes each and every shot!

Advertising photographers

The same concept can be extended for any advertising promotions – We all need a visual and it can be a photograph or video or art. With the online shopping trending the country, Advertising Photographers play a pivotal role in providing those appropriate photographs to help the buyers buy at ease.

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