When The Photographs Sounded Devine

When The Photographs Sounded Devine

Music is always a divine thing in everyone’s life. Music fills in the hollow in our life, our loneliest emotions are always filled with music that is audible only to us. Our dreams are empty without music, music is something that God has given us to lean upon. The creators of such music are almost the manly Gods, that’s how I see them. Every religion has its own form and use of music, I hope music is something that’s accepted universally without difference. My professional life as a Photographer is filled with people, I have met millions, I have captured thousands performing, I have triggered emotions, I have shot the stars to fame but these are some of the things I really owe to be treasured, the moments with these musical prodigies were the real realm of divinity to me.

Balamurali Krishna the voice of “Chinna Kannan Azhaikiran” that mesmerized the common man’s world. As learnt he is an exponent in classical Music, the authority of Keerthanais . I got an opportunity to stand behind the lenses to shoot him for Dheepam oil advertisements, the moment I saw him, the divinity in his attire, his look, his godly eyes taught me many. I shot him few regular portraits, but was not satisfied as I felt something empty. Then out of curiosity and delicacy I asked him to sit on the Temple floor and sing for us, and he was too generous and immediately rendered a beautiful piece, and I simply clicked the divinity and the photograph was complete. What else should I tell, a legend is always a legend.

Born in 70’s, my life moved with this man’s music, wherever we turn it was his music, much before the Television came into existence, every Radio station tuned in was his regime. People thronged before radio sets to tune in to Radio Ceylon to hear his mesmerizing songs, he was non other than the King Of Music, Maestro Isaignani Illayaraja sir. My happiness, Sorrow, Victory, failure, my romance, love parental moments everything has his songs virtually playing in background, once I had an wonderful chance to shoot him for Jannal magazine, out of his busy schedule he gave us just 30 mins, to shoot. He asked me what should he wear…? Who am I to order the king ? The Lion is always handsome with his own pride, I said nothing special, I want to capture you as you are, and clicked him with pride. And I had a beautiful 30 mins in my life to speak about to generations.

”Netrin Arangile Nizhalgalin Nadagam

Indrin Ethirile Nijangalin Dharisanam

Varungalam Vasantha Kaalam Naalum Mangalam”

It was the moment when the whole of our country cherished his victory, his victory was not just one man’s but was felt as everyone’s victory, every household celebrated as the world was awestruck with his victory. He pronounced “Ella Pugazhum Iraivanukkey” on the global stage, as the fireworks galore the skies here. It was his first press meet at his studio, once he landed in the soil, he was flanked by fans all his way, he finished his press meet, walked tired, I just asked him to relax and lean on the brick walls in his studio and I just opened my shutters, thus came this feel good click.

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