Here’s why Santhosh Photography is considered the best for silk saree catalogue photography

India is filled with stunning craftsmen. If we take the silk saree industry as an example, a novice would be amazed to know that there are hundreds of varieties of silk with their trademark design and the ever growing contemporary ones. Besides, the silk saree industry has become world renowned that the demands are certainly skyrocketing. As someone who has been in the commercial photography space for nearly two decades, we, at FotoZone can undoubtedly say that we have done our tiny bit to help the industry thrive. Here is how… 1. Bringing a balance in posing as a ‘bride’ One of the common and most successful ways of shooting silk saree is to create the scene of a wedding. The female model plays the role of a bride to be precise and there could be other characters involved like the groom for instance, or a friend or the parent. What usually happens is that the attention (or the focus) gets carried away from the saree to the person or their emotion. The audience is not compelled enough to look at the saree anymore but shift their focus to the jewellery or a overexcited friend character or an emotional father […]