When The Photographs Sounded Devine

When The Photographs Sounded Devine Music is always a divine thing in everyone’s life. Music fills in the hollow in our life, our loneliest emotions are always filled with music that is audible only to us. Our dreams are empty without music, music is something that God has given us to lean upon. The creators of such music are almost the manly Gods, that’s how I see them. Every religion has its own form and use of music, I hope music is something that’s accepted universally without difference. My professional life as a Photographer is filled with people, I have met millions, I have captured thousands performing, I have triggered emotions, I have shot the stars to fame but these are some of the things I really owe to be treasured, the moments with these musical prodigies were the real realm of divinity to me. Balamurali Krishna the voice of “Chinna Kannan Azhaikiran” that mesmerized the common man’s world. As learnt he is an exponent in classical Music, the authority of Keerthanais . I got an opportunity to stand behind the lenses to shoot him for Dheepam oil advertisements, the moment I saw him, the divinity in his attire, his […]

Santhosh Photography Calendar 2015

Santhosh Photography Calendar 2015 Behind the scenes photo shoot of making Santhosh Photography calendar 2015. Santhosh is top most commercial photographer in Chennai, India Santhosh Raj is the Moscow International Foto Award Winner 2015. He Won the award title in wast recycling on Portrait, Professional Photography Category. Once the waste is segregated properly, it can be rejuvenate to something useful. This image is reflection of that.  

Swimmer Agnishwar Jeyaprakash

I’ve done a couple of portrait photo sessions with Swimmer Agnishwar Jeyaprakash . This time, however, I thought I’d do something different from the photo shoots that I did earlier with Agnishwar. Since he’s a Swimmer I decided to shoot with more splashes of water. So, one fine day we got together at the beach early in the morning – around 5.30am to catch the Sunrise and capture some nice and interesting cloud patterns. To fill-in light I used my Elinchrome Ranger battery pack. Some action from Atheletes while photographing, always make for interesting portraits, so I asked Agnishwar to get into the sea and sit in front of waves and this got me nice splashy water shots of him in the sea. Being Sunrise, I was able to take amazing shots of the glitter and sparkle on the water. Do hope you all love the images.